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Instruction and Installation Manual

Safety Instructions: Read and follow all instructions to reduce the risk of injury. We recommend a licensed electrician complete any necessary electrical installations.


Welcome to the future of pool control and maintenance with Clyr pool. This document will introduce two revolutionary products designed to transform your pool care experience: the Clyr AI Controller and the Smart Skimmer. These innovative products are engineered to work seamlessly together through the Clyr App, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in managing your pool's health.

Why use Clyr

There are two primary uses of Clyr on a swimming pool.

Clyr is the only controller that integrates both pool equipment data and pool chemistry data all in one easy to use app!

#1 If you don't currently have an automation system, this is the option for you

Controlling Equipment and Pool Chemistry

Using all components of Clyr, you can easily control pool equipment from all major vendors, monitor chemistry in real time, and even let Clyr autodose your pool to keep chemistry balanced throughout the day.

#2 If you already have an automation system, then this is the option for you

Monitoring Pool Equipment and Pool Chemistry

Clyr can be installed on top of your current automation system to monitor the equipment performance and pool chemistry. And YES, the Clyr system can still autodose CO2 in a "monitoring-only" mode to keep your pool balanced throughout the day.

Clyr AI Universal Pool Controller

The Clyr AI controller is a universal, vendor-agnostic pool control and monitoring system. Compatible with major OEM brands like Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, and Black & Decker, this intelligent controller elevates your pool's ecosystem, offering unparalleled automation and customization. Whether it's managing pool pumps, salt cells, valves, lights, or heaters, the Clyr AI Controller gives you precise control to optimize every aspect of pool functionality, making pool maintenance both efficient and effortless.

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Get Started

Once you've decided how you want to use Clyr on your pool, you can follow up our quick tutorials and guides to get you up in going in less than 30 minutes.

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Our channel is a great way to get going with tutorials for all sorts of equipment. Check out these videos to get going quickly:


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