Clyr Add-on Devices

With the Clyr automation controller, you can fully automate your pool pad with smart sensing and dispensing technologies. The sections below describe the smart add-on devices provided by Clyr.

The Clyr Digital Water Sensor

Real-time water sensing provides instant feedback on water quality, enabling proactive maintenance and swift corrective actions. The Clyr pH/ORP/Temp 3-1 sensor provides real time readings all over a 4-wire cable. The sensor is easy to install and requires a small bit of plumbing. Find out more at

Clyr CO2 Injection for pH Control

CO2 dosing is one of the best kept secrets of the pool industry. CO2 dosing is similar to adding muriatic acid to your pool except it's more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

How does it work? Using the Clyr Inline probe (above), Clyr can sense rising pH in the water the Clyr automation controller injects CO2 directly into your pool which converts to Carbonic acid, lowering your pH. Find out more at

Clyr Pressure Sensor

Ever wonder when your filters are dirty? Well, Clyr has the perfect solution. The digital pressure sensor for Clyr measures the pressure every 5 minutes. Clyr can alert you when the pressure has risen over a period of time likely indicating dirty filters. Dirty filters are a common cause for persistent algae and cloudy water. This is a simple add-on for a lot of cost savings.

Clyr Cabling

Clyr provides some additional jumper cables to help you control relays in an existing relay cabinet. The Clyr board provides up to 3 Auxiliary relay ports for you to use to control relays.

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