📦Unboxing and Wiring Power

Step 1 - Unbox your Clyr Controller

Unbox your Clyr Controller. The outdoor-rated controller has a hinged cover with an IP67 rated gasket, which means you can mount this directly outdoors with the rest of your pool equipment!

Remove the controller from the box and open the hinged cover.

Inside the device you will find:

- Two control cables

- 20-24 Volt Power Supply

- Controller circuit board (PCB)

Step 2 - Connect your controller to power

Important - there are multiple ways to power your Clyr controller. We recommend using the existing equipment low voltage power as this is most convenient.

Remove the control cables and power supply from the controller box.

Power Option 1 - Use Pump Low Voltage

This option is not possible if you have a Pentair pumps, EasyTouch, Intellicenter as the power output from these devices is not enough to support Clyr Controller and its accessories.

Use this option if you're hooking up a Clyr Lite controller or using a Clyr controller that doesn't need to control auxiliary relays.

Step 1 - Please turn your breaker off that powers your pump

Step 2 - Please remove the screws on the back lid of your pump

Step 3 - Please locate the four port terminal and find the COM and 12V ports.

For Hayward,

COM: Green

12V: Red

For Jandy and Pentair

COM: Black

12V: Red

Step 4 - Remove existing wires

Step 5 - Using a four wire cable or an ethernet cable, please choose a color to screw into COM and 12V. If you have black and red, please screw the wires into the following:

COM: black

12V: red

Use the following image as a reference:

Step 6 - Power on your breaker. The LED on your CLYR board should power up yellow 🎉

👍 Please proceed to the next step.

Power Option 2 - Clyr Voltage Supply

This is the preferred power method if you are using a Clyr Controller (not Clyr Lite) and you are controlling auxiliary relays

Step 1 - Take Clyr power supply and locate a 120VAC outlet at your pool equipment pad

Step 2 - Wire the the following leads

GND: black wire

12V: red wire

Step 3 - The LED on your CLYR board should power up yellow

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