👨‍🔬Skimmer Calibration

This tutorial shows how to calibrate the sensor for pH on your smart skimmer.

Tools Needed

Before we start the calibration, you will need

  • pH7 calibration solution

  • pH10 calibration solution

  • Sensor plastic cap for fluid

  • Protective gloves

Step 1 - Plug in skimmer

Take the skimmer out from the pool and plug in the USB so that the blue light comes on.

Step 2 - Fill up sensor plastic cap with pH7 solution

This solution is yellow, yours may be a different color.

Corrosive Liquid Warning - Although pH buffer solutions are typically safe, please consider wearing gloves when performing these steps.

Please fill up the cap about a fifth of the way full with the solution.

Step 3 - Place cap on skimmer sensor

Now, please screw on the liquid filled cap to the bottom of the sensor, and ensure that the sensor is fully submerged in the liquid before proceeding.

Step 4 - Calibrate in app

Now, go to your location in the app and select "Settings->Calibration". Select pH7 under your smart skimmer and click the prompts to continue.

Once you click ph7, your device should begin to pulse pink.

You will see a green light if the calibration was successful. If you see a red light, please repeat the steps above again.

Step 5 - ph10 Calibration

Please remove the yellow ph7 fluid, wash the cap with water, and perform the previous steps for ph10.

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