🛒What to order?

This quick tutorial should help you determine what you need to order and a few quick hints to help you out. Please use the table to determine which Clyr Controller you should order

Selecting a controller

Please use the following table to determine if you should purchase a Clyr lite or Clyr Controller.

If you plan on only monitoring your pool equipment, you only need a Clyr Lite controller

Your EquipmentClyr LiteClyr Controller

Single Speed Pump(s)

Variable Speed Pump(s)


Valve Actuators

Salt Cell

Pool Lights

Clyr pH/ORP/Temp probe

CO2 Dosing

Clyr Pressure Sensor

You can buy either version of the clyr controller here: https://www.clyrpool.com/clyr-controller-features

Chemistry Monitoring

If you would like to monitor the pH/ORP/Temp in your pool, please order the Clyr Chemistry probe and this probe is compatible with both Clyr Lite and Clyr Controller versions.

You can buy the inline probe here: https://www.clyrpool.com/inline-sensor

Filter Monitoring

If you would like to know when your filters are dirty please order the Clyr Digital Pressure Sensor. The sensor also enables other safety features such as Pump Protect, which automatically sends you an alert if it detects that the pump is malfunctioning due to air in the system. This protects your pump from burning up and having to replace an expensive pump.

You can buy the pressure sensor here: https://www.clyrpool.com/pressure-sensor

CO2 Dosing for pH Balance

If you would like to automatically keep your pH balanced in your pool, please order the CO2 dosing regulator and purchase a 20-25 lb CO2 tank that can be refilled at any welding store.

You can buy the dosing system here: https://www.clyrpool.com/co2-injection-system

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