🖥️Clyr Controller RS485 Networks

What are Clyr RS485 Networks and where do I find them?

You will see on the Clyr Controller board that there are A1, B1, A2, B2, Ain, and Bin. What are these for? Turns out they're really important.

In order to prevent situations where equipment communication may interfere, Clyr offers you the ability to separate communication networks for different pieces of equipment if you want.

As an example, our previous section introduced Controlling vs. Monitoring. In this case, we can use Network 1 (A1/B1) in order to monitor the equipment and we can use Network 2 (A2/B2) to read data from our sensors.

Where will I find networks in the app and how do I set them up correctly?

You only need to worry about networks when adding or configuring the equipment in the Clyr app. It is typically found on the "Add" page under "Advanced Options".

By default, Clyr Controller will add equipment to Network 1 during setup unless you configure it differently during setup.

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