🔌Connect your Controller

Follow these steps to connect your controller to the Clyr Cloud.

HAZARD WARNING - Please turn off all electrical breakers before removing coverings from pool equipment like pumps, heaters, salt cells, etc. Please contact a certified electrician if you have questions.

If you haven't wired your Clyr Controller for power, please do that first before proceeding!

Step 1 - Have app already setup 📱

You should have already setup the app in the previous sections. If you haven't please check out that tutorial before going further

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Step 2 - Make sure Clyr Controller has power

At this point, you should ensure that your Clyr Controller has power. If you don't have power, please checkout this tutorial on hooking up proper power before proceeding.

pageConnect your Controller

Step 3 - Double check power to the controller

Upon connecting power to the controller, it should have a pulsing yellow light.

This means the controller has the right power connectivity and is ready for setup.

Step 4 - Add Clyr Controller in App

When logged into the app on the mobile device go to your desired location. The location will be the Orange Name at the top. Then in the navbar, select "Settings" with the ⚙️ icon. Then proceed to the menu option for "Devices"

Click the "Add" button and you will see the option for "Clyr Controller" with an icon to pop up.

The app will now walk you through a couple simple steps. It will verify that you have a pulsing yellow light, and then you will need to press the middle black button on the Clyr Controller. After you do this, the light will turn blue 🔵 indicating that bluetooth is active.

The app should then find an option showing the Clyr Controller was found.

After selecting that controller, it will attempt to find available WiFi networks. Once your network is found, you can enter your password and hit complete. If all is well, you will get a registration complete screen in the app.

Step 5 - Verify successful Clyr Connectivity

You can verify that the device is successfuly online as the LED should turn from yellow to green and then stay in a solid turqouise.


If you don't end up in step 5 and are experiencing different behavior, try these troubleshooting steps.

My light is still pulsing yellow and then turns red. Then repeats a pulsing yellow and then red again.

This means that the wifi network you selected and the credentials provided are not able to connect to the network. You can try the setup process again by deleting the controller from your location and attempting to reconnect to wifi.

My light is staying solid green and never goes turquoise.

This means that your Clyr Controller cannot connect to the Clyr Cloud. Please try to unplug the power to the Clyr Controller and then plug back in. If problem persists, please check to make sure that you haven't configured firewall rules that would prevent SNTP or MQTT ports. Finally, if this still doesn't work, please contact support@clyrpool.com for remote troubleshooting.

My app says that my controller is still "offline" but I see a turqoise light.

This is fine, there may be a delay in the controller uploading its latest configuration and we just need 5-10 minutes to finish sync'ing with the cloud.

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