🪛Auxiliary Relay Installaiton

This tutorial shows how to connect a relay to Clyr

RISK OF ELECTROCUTION AND SHOCK - before proceeding with this tutorial please seek advice or help from a certified electrician if you feel uncomfortable with any of the following steps as this tutorial involves working with potentially high voltages and current.

Tools Needed

Before we start hooking up your relay, you'll need the following tools:

  • A Clyr Lite or Clyr Controller

  • Clyr Relay Jumper Cable

  • Clyr Power Jumper Cable (included with Clyr controller, 6 inch red/black cable)

  • A small flathead screwdriver

  • A large phillips screwdriver

Step 1 - Connect your controller

Before you begin, please make sure you have powered on and connected your Clyr Controller.

Step 2 - Wire up Clyr Controller

Depending on your version of Clyr Controller, you may need to use the 6 inch power jumper cable to ensure that the relays have power. Please use the 24VDC cable to power the Clyr Controller and then attach the 6 inch Clyr Power Jumper cable to the 12VDC and GND pins as shown in the picture below:

On newer versions of the Clyr Controller, the jumper is not necessary and a black plastic "shunt" is provided.

Step 3 - Choose an AUX Port

On the Clyr controller, please choose an Aux port and plug in the Clyr Relay Jumper cable to this port. The Aux ports are all labeled Aux 1, Aux2, Aux 3, with Aux1 being the closest to the valve actuator ports. In the picture below, Aux 1 is chosen.

Step 4 - Add Auxiliary relay in app

You should have already added a Clyr Controller to your pool location in the app at this point. If you haven't check this out first:

If this has been done you can proceed. Go to your pool location and click "Settings"-> "Devices"-> "Add" -> "Pool Equipment". Once you're on the pool equipment page, we'll select a Auxiliary Relay.

Once you select Auxiliary Relay, we'll need to configure the the aux port.

First, choose a name for the aux port. You should name this based on what you're controlling: blower, pump, or perhaps lights/something else. Next, choose which Aux port that you plugged the Clyr jumper cable into.

That's it. Now hit save and you're done.

Step 5 - Test the Aux port

Now that the auxiliary relay has been added and the power is on, quickly jump to the home screen, go to schedules, and add a schedule for your relay. After setting a quick schedule, the relay should "click" if engaged.

Next Steps

Now that your salt cell is online, you can do all sorts of great stuff like schedules, programs, autopilot and more. Check out those tutorials.

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