Clyr can be setup to monitor equipment and chemistry or can control equipment and monitor chemistry. It's important to understand the difference.


If you or your pool client are interested in keeping the automation system in place but wanting to monitor the equipment performance and pool chemistry, this is the option for you.

For all steps involving monitoring the equipment, the Ain and Bin ports on Clyr Controller should be used to connect to the existing wires. By connecting Ain and Bin to the existing RS485 network, you allow the Clyr Controller to "sniff" or "listen" to all the traffic between the current automation system and the pool equipment. You can then still configure a Clyr pH/ORP probe and pressure sensor on RS485 NETWORK 2 (marked A2 and B2) on the Clyr Controller board.

Always look for the monitor toggle when adding pumps and salt cells during setup

During equipment setup, you will always see a toggle for monitor mode for pumps and salt cells like this


Of course it's way more fun to control all your equipment from your phone or computer, not just monitor it. The wiring for controlling is very straightforward.

Very important - you cannot have an automation system (like EasyTouch) and Clyr Controller both controlling equipment. This may damage the equipment.

We will show you in following steps how to properly connect all vendors' equipment, but in general, the wiring looks like the diagram below:

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