Clyr Controller

The Clyr controller can be order in two configurations with varying price points and capabilities:

  • Clyr Lite Controller - Monitoring with exisiting OEM automation systems and basic automation

  • Clyr Full Automation - Full Clyr automation support valves, heaters, blowers and various single speed pumps

The Clyr Controller Enclosure

The Clyr Controller enclosure is a ruggedized outdoor enclosure box rated to IP67. The enclosure provides flange mounting hole locations for wall fastening at the pool pad. Wires can be routed through the wire bulkhead fitting located at the bottom of the enclosure and tightened for weather resistance. Both the Clyr Lite and Clyr Full Automation Controllers utilize the same enclosure.

Clyr Lite Controller

Version of the Clyr controller with monitoring applications and basic automation capabilities. This version of the Clyr controller allows for:

  • Pump Control

  • Salt Cell Control

  • Pressure monitoring and alerting

  • ORP/pH/Temp sensor integration

  • CO2 Injection Capability

Clyr Full Automation Controller

Version of the Clyr controller with full automation capabilities. This controller includes all the functions of the Clyr Lite controller in addition to:

  • Valve Actuator Control (Max x qty 4 valves)

  • Heater Control (Max x qty 1)

  • Auxiliary/Relay Control (Max x qty 3 - can include lights, single speed pump, blower, etc)

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