🛒Ordering Examples

Let's show you a couple of examples of what you should order for a pool given the set of equipment that they have.

Simple Pool - No Spa

The table below shows an example of what a customer has. They've asked to be able to control the pool from their phone and to get alerts about what to add on chemistry.

Your EquipmentClyr LiteClyr Controller

Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

Intellichlor I-40 salt cell

Monitor chemistry using Clyr's pH/ORP/Temp Probe

Monitor filter pressure using clyr digital pressure probe

In this example, you can buy either version of the clyr controller here: https://www.clyrpool.com/clyr-controller-features

Pool / Spa Combo

On a pool spa combo, you will have to order a Clyr Controller as Clyr Lite controllers cannot control heaters.

Monitor Pool Equipment/Chemistry with pH CO2 Dosing

In this case, let's say a customer wants to keep their existing automation system but wants to add Clyr's chemistry readings and recommendations + do CO2 dosing. In this case, you can purchase either a Clyr Lite or Clyr Controller as both can monitor equipment and do CO2 dosing. The recommendation to by a full Clyr Controller would likely be if the customer has expressed interest in eventually moving everything over to the Clyr system.

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